Strange Days

Fri, 09 Sep 2011

  1. version 0.7.0

    I've packaged UQM (using "mimic pc" options for small size) as a portableapp. I need some testers!

    Please contact me via IRC, i'm Vaevictus on various networks: freenode, worldirc, gamesurge, etc.

    Download App: UQMPortable_0.7.0_Development_Test_1.paf.exe
    MD5SUM: 2b02151eaaec822b435d6ff34993e032

    Download Build Tools and Configs:
    MD5SUM: c1aaf45f9b6f3a12179235618bbe6804

Mon, 08 Mar 2010

  1. Mellow Mushroom - winter park
    Charley's Steakhouse -  6107 S. Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando 4078517130
    Fishbones - 6707 Sand Lake Road, Orlando 4073520135
    texas de brazil - 5259 International Drive, Orlando 4073550355
    houston's - 215 South Orlando Ave, winter park 4077404005
    Hemmingways @ the Grand Cypress Hyatt - 1 Grand Cypress Boulevard, Orlando 4072391234
    California Grill @ Contemporary Resort Disney - 407WDWDINE
    la coq a vin - 4800 South Orange Ave, Orlando 4078516980
    Del Friscos - 729 Lee Road, Orlando 4076454443
    Cafe D'Antonio - Celebration
    Antonio's - Maitland
    Market Street Cafe - Celebration
    Celebration Town Tavern - Celebration
    Columbia Restaurant - Celebration
    SEA Thai - Orlando
    House Of Thai - Orlando

Tue, 15 Dec 2009

    • 1 Flip = 8,001,639,088,128 bits
    • 1 Flip = 1,000,204,886,016 (8-bit) bytes
    • 1 Flip = 1,953,525,168 (512-byte) sectors
    • 1 Flip is about 1 trillion 8-bit bytes
    • 1 Flip is 1 Terabyte, according to definitions used in industry and on wikipedia
    • 1 Flip is 99,306,741,760 8-bit bytes (or about 9%) smaller than a Tebibyte

Mon, 16 Nov 2009

  1. vacation!
    • SATURDAY, 7th
      • Arrival at 1330
      • Sleep in Orlando
      • 5 guys
      • Trastevere
    • SUNDAY, 8th
      • Lake Eola Fall Fiesta in the Park with Farmers market EARLY
      • Clarkies
      • Eighth Annual Winter Park Concours d'Elegance, Winter Park
      • Color Purple
      • Smoky Bones
      • OBP
    • MONDAY, 9th
      • Cracker Barrel
      • Rainbow River with river munchies
      • PomPoms
      • Tastings
    • TUESDAY, 10th
      • IHOP
      • Orlando Science Center
      • Marble Slab Creamery
      • Mimis cafe with chris
      • Mel - Tosh with ash
    • WEDNESDAY, 11th
      • Veterans Day
      • Juniors
      • KSC
      • Goombays
    • THURSDAY, 12th
      • Celebration - Mainstreet Market
      • Pint Night Mellow Mushroom
      • Downtown Disney SHOPPING
      • Lauren volleyball game
      • Ghiardelli Soda shop fountain
    • FRIDAY, 13th
      • Krispy Kreme and Chik fil A breakfast
      • Leftovers Lunch
      • IKEA
      • Nonna Wine Bar
    • SATURDAY, 14th
      • Depart at 0815

Tue, 01 Sep 2009

  1. ugh.

    bored. :) That said, Escape to the movies seems to be a good review site.

    I've been playing with NES programming as well as some electronics stuff, nothing to write home to mom about yet.

Wed, 06 May 2009

  1. from the omg not another one dept.
    The new Star Trek Crew

    I violently blindsided by the movie.

    I am not a trekkie. I have not seen all the movies, nor even half of the episodes of any particular make/model. I have seen the first 6 original cast movies and a few others, and enjoyed them. I don't watch much TV but i might watch an original cast episode were it on. Regarding this movie, my expectations were not high. I had heard about the cast:

    Simon Pegg (whom i love, (shaun of the dead, etc)) as scotty. Winona Rider as spock's mother. Jennifer Morrison (Cameron from House) as Kirk's mother. John Cho (harold and kumar minus kumar) as sulu. A bunch of no-names for main characters. (Eomer from LOTR as McCoy). Eric Bana as the bad guy (the new incredible hulk disaster).

    Based on the cast, i wasn't excited. I didn't know if they were gonna take the movie seriously. I almost expected a half-spoof movie.

    I was wrong. :) The movie was exceptional. Phenomenal, based on my expectations. highly recommended.

Tue, 17 Feb 2009

  1. OH YEAH.

Tue, 16 Dec 2008

Tue, 02 Dec 2008

Thu, 25 Oct 2007

Thu, 28 Jun 2007

  1. Gaming Update
    • EVE Online
    • Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

Thu, 21 Dec 2006

    • RollerCoaster Tycoon
    • EVE Online
    • Oblivion
    • Counter-Strike

Fri, 21 Apr 2006

  1. from the I'll-find-time dept...
    • Oblivion (screenshots via link)
    • X-COM
    • a little counterstrike

Thu, 09 Feb 2006

  1. from the ugly-website-with-ads-on-it dept.

    Myspace uhg. bad things about darin's:

    1. Ads
    2. Background Music- Simply not kosher, even if it's good music. means you get fired at work, maybe.
    3. Background Image - not horrible... but yellow text on top ... with no way to read it... someone shouldn't have to highlight your text to be able to read it.

    at least he showed some initiative.

Thu, 05 Jan 2006

  1. From the wasted too much time on this already dept.

    Okay ... in Counterstrike on our server, there is a command to see your current "rank" ... which is a rudimentary thing.

    Rank Value = Kills - Deaths
    Efficiency = Kills / (Kills + Deaths)
    Playtime = Kills + Deaths

    This graph shows the rank value of any player based on play time and efficiency.

    However... this is bad ... because if you're a slightly below .5 efficient player, as most are, the longer you play, the worse your rank is. In effect, you're ranked twice as badly if you play twice as long. We'd like to encourage everyone to play with a long duration.

    So... I examined what would happen if we changed the rank to 2*Kills - Deaths, and then 3*Kills - Deaths.

    Red: Original scoring, green break even at 0.5
    Blue: 2xKills scoring, magenta break even around 0.33
    Cyan: 3xKills scoring, brown break even around 0.25

    While none of these methods eliminate the problem, I'd reckon that a <.25 efficient person wouldn't be so far from the correct location.

    This shows the 2xKills - Deaths scoring.

Thu, 15 Dec 2005

  1. From the department of interior (of my engine parts falling out)

    Friday, December 15th, 2005, marks the occasion of the death of my project car. Driving down State Road 50 (a four lane divided highway), near orlando, A red 04 ford pickup pulls out in front of my baby, and ends the project. While no one was permanently injured, i had some nice seat belt brusies and a very sore neck on Saturday. The toyota, on the other hand, didn't do so well. Pictures

Thu, 17 Nov 2005

  1. From the too busy to blog dept
    • still haven't fixed the crank seal.
    • did do a compression check, it's good.
    • new pads, need new rear rotors.
    • new tranny.
    • new twin plate clutch
    • new extended clutch slave cylinder pushrod

Tue, 26 Apr 2005

  1. From the is that water supposed to look like milk dept.

    Got my pool pump back, and installed today. It's quieter than ever; I had the bearings changed. Hopefully I'll get my pool cleaned finally, for the first time since the hurricane. I'll be stocked up on at least *chlorine* for next hurricane season. After Jeanne ... it took a few weeks to be able to buy chlorine. :D Having a broken pump and a pool filled with hurricane blown leaves makes things worse.

  1. From the footloose and fancy-free dept.

    AfterStep is developing rapidly these days. We've even got an operating system on a cd that you can boot without bothering your existing systems. That's available here. Just download and burn it. :D

    2.00.05 is right around the corner. Here's a screenshot I took of it at work. I'm running asdsl in vmware, running on a big wide AfterStep on my desktop.

  1. From the hope it holds until payday dept.

    Well... my baby's leaking a *lot* of oil these days... I'm thinking somewhere in the realm of a quart every 240 miles.

    On the plus side, I'm developing a good habit of checking the mile before any outing. That can't hurt!

  1. From the not getting any work done dept...
    • Counterstrike. Yes, still, but not enjoying it much anymore.
    • WSOP Deluxe Poker Tournament: 5 year old game. I placed #33 of 200+ in the last tourney I was in.
    • Freelancer: space rpg, broke it out again.
  1. From the oh look, yet another psycho dept.

    Ed, a great friend of mine, discovered a website promoting some horrific things, based on misinterpretations of the bible. He feels very strongly about it, you might too. It's advocating Child Abuse. Please blog or link to it on your websites, referring to it as Child Abuse.

Tue, 04 Jan 2005

  1. From the getting stuff done dept.

    Now, upgraded myself to a Systems Administrator slot at UCF's Computer Science school. So far, things are going great, and they're only getting better. I'm doing alright, getting good grades, ...

    Cheezy songs aside, loving my workstation, but the commute is pretty severe at a good hour, with few delays. Last night, I missed *two* exits. One, was even for Palm Bay Road!

  1. From the Dept. of Drift

    Dad, Darin and I bled the clutch lines and returned the corolla to driveable status. The battery was long since dead, (since hurricane Jeanne), and took some effort to start, but she did, Christmas Day even.

    She's still dead... but I'll be dealing with that soon. Three remaining issues, though. I've got an untrustworthy security system, (read that as so secure sometimes it stops working while driving. :D) I've got a leaky pinion seal on my LSD, and I don't have tools to change the tires, as they've got secure lugs and nice wheels. And I guess four would be I need it tagged.

  1. From the not getting any work done dept...
    • Counterstrike. Yes, still, and I actually had a good night last night.
    • NFSU2: xmas present. still fun.
    • Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal: this game rules still.

Wed, 20 Oct 2004

  1. check my current team, which i'll be firing half of soon... fftaclan.cgi if you'd like your clan to be featured here too.. just get me a text file, mine's just tab separated, with no spaces allowed in the first 3 columns... (name, level, race)

  1. I patched mold, and now the event system works as it should... it's pretty nice now... smooth sailing as far as I can see at this point.

  1. still haven't gotten this thing licensed, because i had a clutch hose break on me... i've almost got it replaced... missing a couple of wrenches to complete it.

Thu, 16 Sep 2004

  1. I should have revived this topic a couple of months ago. In July, Melissa and I bought a house. Address: 203 Nesbitt St NE, Palm Bay, FL 32907. Pictures here.

  1. Pictures galleries up at

  1. I've purchased a 1985 Toyota Corolla SR5, which has been converted to GTS specs. I've got an engine upgrade to the 4A-GE engine, sports clutch, 4 wheel disk brakes, nice wheels, MAP sensor, Limited-Slip Differential. It's very fun to drive. Pictures here.

Mon, 17 May 2004

  1. Believe it or not, I've started working on MoLD again. I'm still designing at this point... I think I'll get it all going this time. I've decided that I need to have a fully OO system, and I've spec'd out all the pieces I was talking about to VALIS at defcon last year... I just need to get the MoLD specific parts designed... then I can do my recode, which shouldn't be overly difficult. A lot of pieces won't need changed.

  1. Primarily, I just got a new job as a cashier at Sterling Casino. It's a cruise ship, and a fun job. It just doesn't pay well.

  1. Well... I've not played much in the way of games recently... more counterstrike than anything... and that's because I'm fixing my realtor's p4. :D Things I've played with:

    • Railroad Tycoon 3
      appears to be the obvious transition from rrt2, which is a fully 3d environment. it's nice that you can lock the camera on the train and follow it to destination... seems like track building is a bit easier, yet a bit more difficult to get do do what you want.
    • Pontifex II
      played it very briefly... need to buy this game... it's got some very cool features now.
    • Dungeon Master II
      I'm got back to the point last night where I stopped playing it before... well almost... it's actually not very long of a game. :D
  1. I'm putting this in the health section, rather than games. I've recently played a good amount of an arcade game called Initial D, a mountain racing game full of hairpin turns and general crazy driving. In the process of doing so, I've screwed up my right shoulder. It hurts in various positions, but not during casual use.

    A funny thing happened last saturday... I was driving on the interstate, which happened to be bone dry... and I took an exit to go pick up a classmate I was carpooling with. The exit ramp was wet as hell. As soon as I hit my brakes, I was hydroplaning, 45 degrees right of where I should have been, at probably close to 70mph. My Initial D© skills kicked in, and I instinctively countersteered, and I did it with only about 6 inches too much correction, on the first time I've drifted a FF drivetrain car, first time I've drifted in real life, first time it wasn't planned. :D

    Video games saved my life!

Thu, 19 Feb 2004

  1. Angelina died finally... at character level 47. YASD.

  1. hmmm... So far, so good. lots of fun

Mon, 26 Jan 2004

  1. High of 81 today. Gonna get colder and rainy tomorrow. Only a high of 75.

Sat, 24 Jan 2004

  1. Okay... so beta 3 isn't news, but I'm still working on stuff related to it. I was working on a fink package for 2.0beta3 yesterday a bit. fink is more or less a debian release for Mac OS X, which I'm really enjoying. TCO is probably too expensive yet, since upgrades all cost you, but it's not too bad. The hardware is pricy too. But I'm really enjoying it. Back to AfterStep. I got AfterStep 2.0 beta 3 running on AppleX11 on Mac OS X 10.3. It's pretty nice. I think I put a screenshot here.

  1. Thought someone might care for a mold update. I've not been programming on mold directly, this is true. If you look at my cvs statistics, you might even think mold is dead. This is far from the truth. I've been working on a multitude of other OO perl projects, including a universal rpg system. What mold will probably get out of it, is quite a few modules directly taken, (gotta love OO), and also a new paradigm of how to implement game "rules" such as physics and such. I still think about mold quite a bit. When the code starts flowing into mold again, i expect it to be vast and of good quality. :D