Strange Days

Thu, 05 Jan 2006

  1. From the wasted too much time on this already dept.

    Okay ... in Counterstrike on our server, there is a command to see your current "rank" ... which is a rudimentary thing.

    Rank Value = Kills - Deaths
    Efficiency = Kills / (Kills + Deaths)
    Playtime = Kills + Deaths

    This graph shows the rank value of any player based on play time and efficiency.

    However... this is bad ... because if you're a slightly below .5 efficient player, as most are, the longer you play, the worse your rank is. In effect, you're ranked twice as badly if you play twice as long. We'd like to encourage everyone to play with a long duration.

    So... I examined what would happen if we changed the rank to 2*Kills - Deaths, and then 3*Kills - Deaths.

    Red: Original scoring, green break even at 0.5
    Blue: 2xKills scoring, magenta break even around 0.33
    Cyan: 3xKills scoring, brown break even around 0.25

    While none of these methods eliminate the problem, I'd reckon that a <.25 efficient person wouldn't be so far from the correct location.

    This shows the 2xKills - Deaths scoring.