Strange Days

Mon, 17 May 2004

  1. Believe it or not, I've started working on MoLD again. I'm still designing at this point... I think I'll get it all going this time. I've decided that I need to have a fully OO system, and I've spec'd out all the pieces I was talking about to VALIS at defcon last year... I just need to get the MoLD specific parts designed... then I can do my recode, which shouldn't be overly difficult. A lot of pieces won't need changed.

  1. Primarily, I just got a new job as a cashier at Sterling Casino. It's a cruise ship, and a fun job. It just doesn't pay well.

  1. Well... I've not played much in the way of games recently... more counterstrike than anything... and that's because I'm fixing my realtor's p4. :D Things I've played with:

    • Railroad Tycoon 3
      appears to be the obvious transition from rrt2, which is a fully 3d environment. it's nice that you can lock the camera on the train and follow it to destination... seems like track building is a bit easier, yet a bit more difficult to get do do what you want.
    • Pontifex II
      played it very briefly... need to buy this game... it's got some very cool features now.
    • Dungeon Master II
      I'm got back to the point last night where I stopped playing it before... well almost... it's actually not very long of a game. :D
  1. I'm putting this in the health section, rather than games. I've recently played a good amount of an arcade game called Initial D, a mountain racing game full of hairpin turns and general crazy driving. In the process of doing so, I've screwed up my right shoulder. It hurts in various positions, but not during casual use.

    A funny thing happened last saturday... I was driving on the interstate, which happened to be bone dry... and I took an exit to go pick up a classmate I was carpooling with. The exit ramp was wet as hell. As soon as I hit my brakes, I was hydroplaning, 45 degrees right of where I should have been, at probably close to 70mph. My Initial D© skills kicked in, and I instinctively countersteered, and I did it with only about 6 inches too much correction, on the first time I've drifted a FF drivetrain car, first time I've drifted in real life, first time it wasn't planned. :D

    Video games saved my life!