Strange Days

Tue, 04 Jan 2005

  1. From the getting stuff done dept.

    Now, upgraded myself to a Systems Administrator slot at UCF's Computer Science school. So far, things are going great, and they're only getting better. I'm doing alright, getting good grades, ...

    Cheezy songs aside, loving my workstation, but the commute is pretty severe at a good hour, with few delays. Last night, I missed *two* exits. One, was even for Palm Bay Road!

Mon, 17 May 2004

  1. Primarily, I just got a new job as a cashier at Sterling Casino. It's a cruise ship, and a fun job. It just doesn't pay well.

Tue, 06 Jan 2004

  1. Ray ended up moving in 2 video groups into the company, who specialize in commercials and digital videography, amongst other things. Fawn is gone, with her legacy, and we're starting to get back to work on things. I've renetworked the office, so there's now some good patch cables and a central network distribution. Hopefully, we can run the line for the video guys through the attic soon, then I'll be done.

    So, it's Ray and Me, for photography and print, and the rest of the group doing video and editing, to be the Media Center Consortium.

    My Dual-G4 i've been working on shite its harddrive, and *unfortunately* it was covered under applecare, so I've gotta wait for a couple of weeks to get it running again instead of spending < 100$ on a new hdd for it. ... so I'm typing this up on my winders laptop. Well.. at least i can still use my mac's usb keyboard. :D