Strange Days

Tue, 06 Jan 2004

  1. Mel's been playing lots (well ... only about 40 play hours so far, + gameover times between saves) of Final Fantasy X. We borrowed it from a relative, and have both been playing it a lot. :D It's good to see her have something to do than come home and watch Charmed and then 3 hours of Law & Order, even if it's just to sit in front of the same TV and yell to me in the computer room to come up there and help her "figure out this maze" or "beat this boss." ... Gotta love it.

  1. Ray ended up moving in 2 video groups into the company, who specialize in commercials and digital videography, amongst other things. Fawn is gone, with her legacy, and we're starting to get back to work on things. I've renetworked the office, so there's now some good patch cables and a central network distribution. Hopefully, we can run the line for the video guys through the attic soon, then I'll be done.

    So, it's Ray and Me, for photography and print, and the rest of the group doing video and editing, to be the Media Center Consortium.

    My Dual-G4 i've been working on shite its harddrive, and *unfortunately* it was covered under applecare, so I've gotta wait for a couple of weeks to get it running again instead of spending < 100$ on a new hdd for it. ... so I'm typing this up on my winders laptop. Well.. at least i can still use my mac's usb keyboard. :D

  1. Been playing a lot of Uplink lately. Uplink is a great game. Very silly on a realistic level, yet very intertaining and challenging. How many games have you played that allowed you to hack international banks from various spots around the world, amongst other fun things like the "International Social Security Database" and the "Global Criminal Database"?

    So far, so good. Still haven't successfully hacked a bank yet... I keep getting traced. :D Have managed to change quite a few people's social security status from "Employed" to "Deceased" ... :D