Strange Days

Wed, 06 May 2009

  1. from the omg not another one dept.
    The new Star Trek Crew

    I violently blindsided by the movie.

    I am not a trekkie. I have not seen all the movies, nor even half of the episodes of any particular make/model. I have seen the first 6 original cast movies and a few others, and enjoyed them. I don't watch much TV but i might watch an original cast episode were it on. Regarding this movie, my expectations were not high. I had heard about the cast:

    Simon Pegg (whom i love, (shaun of the dead, etc)) as scotty. Winona Rider as spock's mother. Jennifer Morrison (Cameron from House) as Kirk's mother. John Cho (harold and kumar minus kumar) as sulu. A bunch of no-names for main characters. (Eomer from LOTR as McCoy). Eric Bana as the bad guy (the new incredible hulk disaster).

    Based on the cast, i wasn't excited. I didn't know if they were gonna take the movie seriously. I almost expected a half-spoof movie.

    I was wrong. :) The movie was exceptional. Phenomenal, based on my expectations. highly recommended.