Strange Days

Tue, 26 Apr 2005

  1. From the is that water supposed to look like milk dept.

    Got my pool pump back, and installed today. It's quieter than ever; I had the bearings changed. Hopefully I'll get my pool cleaned finally, for the first time since the hurricane. I'll be stocked up on at least *chlorine* for next hurricane season. After Jeanne ... it took a few weeks to be able to buy chlorine. :D Having a broken pump and a pool filled with hurricane blown leaves makes things worse.

  1. From the footloose and fancy-free dept.

    AfterStep is developing rapidly these days. We've even got an operating system on a cd that you can boot without bothering your existing systems. That's available here. Just download and burn it. :D

    2.00.05 is right around the corner. Here's a screenshot I took of it at work. I'm running asdsl in vmware, running on a big wide AfterStep on my desktop.

  1. From the hope it holds until payday dept.

    Well... my baby's leaking a *lot* of oil these days... I'm thinking somewhere in the realm of a quart every 240 miles.

    On the plus side, I'm developing a good habit of checking the mile before any outing. That can't hurt!

  1. From the not getting any work done dept...
    • Counterstrike. Yes, still, but not enjoying it much anymore.
    • WSOP Deluxe Poker Tournament: 5 year old game. I placed #33 of 200+ in the last tourney I was in.
    • Freelancer: space rpg, broke it out again.
  1. From the oh look, yet another psycho dept.

    Ed, a great friend of mine, discovered a website promoting some horrific things, based on misinterpretations of the bible. He feels very strongly about it, you might too. It's advocating Child Abuse. Please blog or link to it on your websites, referring to it as Child Abuse.