Strange Days

Sat, 24 Jan 2004

  1. Okay... so beta 3 isn't news, but I'm still working on stuff related to it. I was working on a fink package for 2.0beta3 yesterday a bit. fink is more or less a debian release for Mac OS X, which I'm really enjoying. TCO is probably too expensive yet, since upgrades all cost you, but it's not too bad. The hardware is pricy too. But I'm really enjoying it. Back to AfterStep. I got AfterStep 2.0 beta 3 running on AppleX11 on Mac OS X 10.3. It's pretty nice. I think I put a screenshot here.

  1. Thought someone might care for a mold update. I've not been programming on mold directly, this is true. If you look at my cvs statistics, you might even think mold is dead. This is far from the truth. I've been working on a multitude of other OO perl projects, including a universal rpg system. What mold will probably get out of it, is quite a few modules directly taken, (gotta love OO), and also a new paradigm of how to implement game "rules" such as physics and such. I still think about mold quite a bit. When the code starts flowing into mold again, i expect it to be vast and of good quality. :D

  1. Darin's apparently gone way further in the game than I could make it. It was bound to happen, I guess.

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    More soon, I hope.