Strange Days

Wed, 02 Jul 2003

  1. well... mold's pretty quiet this week... I got a *long* ways towards getting pathfinding into my AI engine, last week, and I've not had time to touch it since.

  1. Last time I touched EyAngband, Angelina was doing well.

  1. stole a *lot* for the design of this blog from ... love that site, love the music. *DAMN* it looks good.

  1. Still trying to close on my house. Now I need a "proof of employment letter" drawn up and sent to my mortgage people. Should be the last thing.

  1. Well... thought I'd start documenting my health related stuff.

    I slept well last night, but wasn't ready to wake up this morning. I'd say it took an hour to wake up fully.

    Lunch was biscuits and gravy... pretty good. Didn't eat but two biscuits... seemed little to me, but I was full.