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This was ripped from an email i sent someone long ago.

A Matrix Demo

  1. The bottommost "Matrix Analog Pattern Sequencer" is controlling the foldback distortion box, and two settings on the synth box.

    Regarding the two matrix boxes:

    you can see the two patterns

    the top one, controls the pitch and velocity for the synth to produce

    the bottom one changes things around, by manipulating the synth's modulation wheel and filter 2 frequency, and by controlling the distortion foldback

    You'll notice the top pattern has 16 steps and is set to 1/16th notes (the dial underneath the steps)... and the bottom one is 32 and 1/8th notes... so the top pattern happens 4 times per bottom pattern.

    You'll notice as you listen to it, that it not only sounds different for each of the 4 measures (1 top pattern each), but that it progresses very cleanly.

    here is what it all sounds like.

    Figure 1:

    Figure 2: