Strange Days

Wed, 09 Jul 2003

  1. Perl 6 

    Wow... I've become really excited about perl6... it's not nearly out yet, but from what I can tell, will make perl programming even more powerful, and actually a lot easier to use. I read half of "Perl6 Essentials", up to the Parrot internals part... so I have an idea how perl 6 will work, but I didn't want to mess with the actualy dev code yet.

    I expect I'll eventually have to move MoLD into Perl6...

    some improvements:

    • Filehandles are now normal scalars.
    • syntax for conditional checking has been broadened (lots more checking)
    • many more contexts now... boolean, for one
    • if statements now have Optional parentheses, unlike perl5 where they are mandatory.