Strange Days

Thu, 03 Jul 2003

  1. Melissa: I've been giving her shots of folstim (?) nightly. And I found out something really interesting about my wife. She's *afraid* of needles. She's a nurse, she gives shots every day, but she's like a little kid when it comes to getting stuck with these *TINY* little needles... pushpins are *way* bigger.

    Me: Lots of Biscuits and gravy leftovers. Had some for supper last night and breakfast this morning... and I'm skipping lunch today.

  1. Wow. I'm very impressed. Sasha's implemented a full graphics engine into his WM, and the engine can read XML. My complex background Screenshot is a simple greyscale image with 3 gradients applied to it via XML. It's really fast and flexible... *LOTS* easier than playing with the colors in GIMP.

    If we can crack down on some bugs, and work on aterm a little bit, AS2.0 will be ready to release.