Vaevictus Theatre

Harrison 360x256

Harrison's 3d Ultrasound:

For those of you who may not have seen one of these, or even a recent 2d ultrasound, it might be a little confusing. The picture will pause every time the operator picks up her utensil. This happens a lot. Harrison had his feet up near his face and the cord there most of the time too. Occasionally you'll see a shaking/vibration from the operator bouncing melissa's belly a little bit to try and get harrison to move a bit. Since she's shaking the "camera" it looks kinda crazy.

Past operator fun, you'll have a bit of difficult making things out from time to time, and see things that aren't there. The feet were in the way of the shot for a while, and caused a lot of distortion at the beginning.

I'll see if i can't get some annotations up here soonish.